Comarch is a manufacturer and integrator of IT solutions. Since 1993, Comarch helps clients to achieve greater profitability and to advance in their specific sectors with a wide range of innovative products, solutions and services of the highest quality.

Comarch has gained vast experience in key sectors (telecommunications, finance, banking and insurance, services, public administration, industry, health, as well as in the small and medium-sized enterprises sector) through projects carried out for the largest Polish and international brands.

Comarch's Comprehensive Solutions For Handling Documents and Business Processes

Comarch offers complete solutions to support document management throughout its life cycle and to increase the efficiency of business processes of companies. By choosing the right approach and efficient document management, companies can significantly increase their value and position in the market and improve the security of critical data.

Products of Comarch rely on ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions and provide tools that support comprehensive processing of paper and electronic documents, ensure effective exchange of documents between business partners and efficient data capture from different sources in various formats (exporting data to and importing data from ERP, FK, HR, logistics, etc.). Comarch provides also a secure archiving and management of key business documents. Implementation of Comarch systems to control and manage documents brings businesses a number of benefits: reduction in operating costs, acceleration and unification of the circulation of documents within the company and improvement of communication and cooperation with customers and business partners, regardless of their technological advancement. Additionally, Comarch contributes to minimize errors during manual data entry, what means streamlining and improving the quality of the stored data. And thus to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Comarch ECM: Accounts Payable

Comarch Accounts Payable allows to redesign, streamline and automate the processing of cost documents. The solution eliminates additive inefficiency by automated data capture from multi-channel (paper, email, OCR, EDI), electronic routing, passing collected data through the process, integration with your ERPs solutions.

Use of the process engine accelerates the acceptance of documents and collects data entered at every stage of the process. Thanks to this, the accounting staff can focus solely on verification of the entered assignment.

Comarch ECM particularly together with Comarch EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)helps to optimize accounting shared service centres within corporate groups with a large volume of transactions and integrations with multiple ERP systems.

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Comarch EDI

Comarch’s unique, transactional-based approach to engagement not only collects customer data from emerging channels such as social and mobile, but it also converts that data into purchases – providing comprehensive metrics throughout the process.

Comarch EDI e-Invoicing ensures compliance of the exchange of e-invoices in accordance with the law. Comarch is a member EESPA (European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association) and actively participates in the National Multilateral Forum for Electronic Invoicing.

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maart 2016

  1. 4 uitdagingen en oplossingen voor e-invoicing

    E-factureren gegroeid wereldwijd. Volgens het recente rapport van Billentis zijn in 2015 van de 500 miljard facturen die wereldwijd uitgewisseld worden bijna 42 miljard papierloos. Welke vragen komen daarbij kijken en welke oplossingen zijn er beschikbaar?

januari 2016

  1. Comarch wordt ook lid van Belgische en Spaanse GS1

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november 2015

  1. Comarch EDI opnieuw opgemerkt door Gartner als zeer betrouwbaar bedrijf

    In een eerder verslag over van Gartner’s over Customer Experience werd Comarch al genoemd als een “leverancier om naar te kijken”. Deze keer werd Comarch onderscheiden vanwege haar andere snelgroeiende oplossing, Comarch EDI (Elektronic Data Interchange).